Just Another Recovering Person


We all have decisions to make. We make them everyday, whether we know it or not. Consciously or unconsciously. Some decisions affect the lives of millions, others just a single cell. Some decisions bring the glory of triumph, while others bring life altering tragedies.

Some decisions are well thought out. Planned by think tanks of the most brilliant minds the world has to offer. Some are seemingly made out of nothing more than the impulse of an imbecile.

The greatest leaps of faith have rested on a single decision. While failure may not always be an option, it is at times the only outcome of a decision. I once heard that it is not our staggering list of accomplishments that make us who we are but rather the lessons learned from our failures.

As I sit here in my dining room this morning I find myself reflective and emotional, again. I stood on my patio early this morningas the sun rose and carassed my face. I had the strangest notion that today was different yet the same. As if the steps I have walked, the things I’ve touched, and held have not been all in vain.

Today I realized all is not bad, or is bad as my mind would lead me to believe. I am not bad. Funny, it seems that it has taken this long for the idea that I don’t suffer from a moral deficiencyto sink in. Maybe it’s a gift from God, a spiritual awakening that has me in it’s palm versus the diseased thinking that we, as addicts, are used to. Maybe it’s not. Maybe I just got up to early and am delirious.

I went upstairs and laid beside my wife and noticed the freckles on her shoulder. Odd, I never noticed them before. 18 years of not noticing freckles is not the conversation to have 1st thing in the morning. So I made the decision to say I Love You instead….

That is a decision I can live with today.
What decision will you make today????

Take Care…..Bob D.


Comments on: "Freckles" (2)

  1. Good post!

    So true what you write regarding decisions.
    Maybe that is why some people, myself included, are so indecisive!

    If I don’t make a decision and decide then…
    I just made a decision Not to decide!
    How ironic is that? 🙂

    Stay Strong~S

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