Just Another Recovering Person


The weekend was quite…..It was hard to imagine.

My son was at a campout and my daughter for some reason was playing the low-key card. Didn’t ask to go anywhere or do anything. I knwo that this week is going to be busy because Friday is the homecoming game and Saturday is the homecoming dance.

The weekend seemed to drag by, almost as if I was in a stupor or something. I should have slept in and didn’t. I should have done a lot of things and didn’t. It did feel kind of nice to just lay around. I did go to a meeting on Saturday night versus Sunday night. Odd the timing of things. I got to hear a really good speaker whom I admire and a guy asked me to sponsor him.

I wish I had a bigger update than that but I don’t. I need to get back in gear on a lot of different levels. I feel tired right now, just lately in general I guess. But with all that has gone on over the last 2 months I guess I have the right to be tired. The mornings don’t start any later, only earlier.

I did watch the new ABC series Flash Forward. I had it DVR’d. It was decent.

I hope you enjoy your day.


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