Just Another Recovering Person

Impending Disaster

“We had little indication of the disaster that the future held for us”.
Basic Text Page 6

This line from the 1st chapter always confused me. I mean it seemed I had every indication that my future would be disaster filled based on my use. The key word in this sentence is little. The reason why is I simple moved past the indicators directly into living in the disaster. The first chapter seems to move quickly in this direction and reinforces it with reminding us that it’s not how much or how long we use that makes us addicts.

The 1st Chapter is about feelings. It is about how we feel as if we are or can be at some point in control of our usage. The illusions of ‘What if’, ‘If only’, and ‘Just one more time’ remind us of the constant list of excuses we can generate to use again.  There is also a line that reminds us of being prisoners of our own mind and condemned by our own guilt. The shame/guilt trainride that we keep stamping the ticket on.

I tell guys I sponsor to read the first 3 chapters of the Basic Text the first 30 days of their recovery for a specific reason. For me they are the begin foundation of finding recovery ‘moments’ in reading. There are times when we are alone, by choice or circumstance, and others may not be available to talk to. I can, with an open mind, read a chapter out of the text and draw strength from the experience of members from the pages. It has been my experience that when the timing is right, things are revealed and continue to be revealed from within the book.

I hope you enjoy your day.
Bob D.



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