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I always thought it was a novel thing to thank God for certain things. I mean I really don’t want to thank God for letting me grow up poor, because I didn’t like it and it has caused money issues today. Overall, I’m sure it’s made me value some things more to a certain degree but thanking God for going to bed hungry never really crossed my mind as a kid.

It seems at any interview, awards show (Except Kayne…. he was too drunk to remember to Thank God first before slamming Taylor Swift)kanye-west-taylor-swift-speech_482x396

at any rate….Award Shows, Interviews, Whitney Houston, Uhhhh, You get what I mean…Most say……

I’d like to give all credit to God
I’d like to give credit to God for giving me the ability……

Makes me wonder…….
Did Chuck Liddell ever say…….

I’d like to Thank God for giving me the ability to beat your ass…..chuck_liddell_dwts3

Ahhhh but wait….He’s dancing right now so it would probably be more fitting for him to Thank God he’s made it this far in the competition.

Anyway some humor to get Tuesday night off the ground.

Thanking God on a daily basis is important, but more important is in asking God for the help and direction I so desperately need. For those of you who may be confused, I don’t want you to be under the notion of God in the sense of the church God you may have heard about, but God, as I understand him.
I have found the 3rd Step Prayer to have become a useful tool because it is direct and to the point…..

Take my will and my life.
Guide me in my recovery, show me how to live.

Pretty simplistic and to the point. I mean I can get caught up asking God and Thanking God for all kinds of things to the point I can lose my concentration. That becomes frustrating and in turn I lose my desire. When desire becomes lost, that is a dangerous route to be on.

My wife’s mother is moving tomorrow. She is going to Louisiana to be with family there. I will miss her, but I know that it is for the best for all involved. This relationship has been a source of worry and stress for my wife for over a year now. I told her last night it was someone elses turn to do the worrying, that she had done enough. My wife is already talking about going down there for the Thanksgiving Holiday, which I don’t mind, it’s just that she hasn’t even left yet. I will make sure she gets to see her over the holidays.

Take Care….Bob D.



Comments on: "Thanking God for the Ability to Beat Your Ass" (2)

  1. Bob…

    Being thankful is something I feel I have learned a lot about in the past couple years.

    The key to gratitude is BEING grateful. Not just saying thanks. (as I experience it anyway). I define BEING grateful by treating gratitude as a full-body participation activity.

    BEING grateful to me means thinking thoughts of gratitude, speaking words of gratitude, and most importantly, living out behaviours of gratitude. This way, I am fully BEING grateful.

    It is way to freakin easy for us alocholics and addicts to SAY and THINK. In fact, this is pretty much where we live a lot of the time… in our minds and words only.

    Some ways I express full-body gratitude…

    Going to meetings no matter how I feel. This is me showing that I appreciate my program and the people who put the meeting on. In addition, I appreciate the others who attend and share. By showing gratitude in this way, I am putting out positive energy on all levels. Nothing but good can come of this. There is not such thing as a meeting that should not be appreciated. We have such an amazing resource to us in our community of receovery. Who else has such a support network. What a gift eh?

    Doing things for my wife. I often make the practice of not saying anything, but simply doing acts of kindness for my wife that show her how grateful I am for her. I will do things around that are things she normally takes care of but are perhaps a bit much for her busy schedule.

    Running and working out: …. I take care of my health. I am grateful to God for the health he has given me. He has also given me a safe neighbourhood, lit streets at night, gym membership and even the ability to buy the clothes I need to run and work out. In fact, my current running shoes are a little old and I have thought of buying some new ones. Yet, I alway stop short because every time I wear my current shoes (which are completely functional and were quite a high-end pair when I bought them), but by continuing to wear them, I feel I am thanking God for them and that I don’t have to have the newest and best in order to be grateful. I am grateful for what I have in front of me TODAY.

    I like to practice here and now gratitude to avoid slipping into “one day when I finally get a new __________ (car, clothes, body, whatever)”. I am grateful for what I have in my posession today.

    God as I understand him tells me that if I am faithful in the little things, I will be given greater things.

    I tell ya…. a life of BEING grateful is amazing! I feel great when I am BEING grateful.



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