Just Another Recovering Person

It seems forever since I’ve written anything……

This past week has been the first week of serenity in 3 months. My daughter’s behavior has steadily been improving and my hope is we have turned some type of corner. She had a small hiccup this weekend when we let a friend stay over and I talked to her about her friend. For the first time she told me that she had to make some decisions about her friends, that she was tired of getting into trouble. Keep your thoughts with us please.

I had a situation occur on Sunday with a guy I have known in NA for over 3 years. I made a reference to him being “Like a bad penny, he keeps showing up”. He took that and turned it into Abraham Lincoln being on a penny so I must have intended it to have some hidden racial slur. At first I was angry, then I was hurt. I can’t believe that he would stretch and reach so far for something that wasn’t there at all to start with. I talked to my sponsor and another fellow who was present when I said it and they both said there most be something else wrong because what I said was taken to an area that doesn’t even make sense.

Today we get to celebrate 3 years and 10 months clean. I share it with you to let you know simply, If I can do it, truly anyone can.

My thoughts are with folks like Tea’, Mariah, Sandra, Eric, Jamie, Chris, Rick, Big John, and a host of others in my life that drift in and out of my thoughts. I hope you find the strength and encouragement you need today.

I will write more soon.
Take Care…..Bob D.


Comments on: "A Week of Peace and Bad Pennies" (2)

  1. hilljimmy said:

    Congratulations! Keep going!

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