Just Another Recovering Person

Burning Wood

Sometimes when I smell wood burning, such as from a fireplace or campfire, it happens. My mind will paint a portrait of Southern Ohio in the late fall and early winter. I am 15 all over again. My stepfather and his crazy friends have waited too long to cut wood for the winter. There are more important things to do, like sit and drink and talk about how poor we are……

We are reduced to breaking furniture to burn by mid December….



I talked to my mom last night. She is now retired, along with my stepfather. I am proud and humbled by their determintations over time to change their lives. I remember my mom having a fight with my stepdad at some point telling him she wasn’t going to live like this anymore. She had already come from an abusive, broken alcoholic relationship and something had to change. Something did change, they both did.

My mother would go on to get her nursing license and my step dad would open his own home improvement business. They now live in a nice area and both are recently retired. A far cry from the circumstances of where we all came from. My mom’s chief complaint yesterday was dealing with the tedium of retirement. They have taken a couple of trips and now go about their day through the aisles of Wallmart looking for bargains.

My mom sounded old on the phone, and I realize the years are catching up with them both. My mom has been one of my biggest enablers and one of my biggest supporters. I don’t blame my mom for anything, I am past that. I don’t understand all the choices either of my parents made throughout the years but I have learned to accept them to a degree. If I sat here and told you I had total acceptance, I would be lying. Acceptance, surrender, serenity…. all have varying degrees based on my perceptions, my moods, and my thinking.

I hope you all enjoy your day.
Bob D.


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