Just Another Recovering Person

The Pumpkin King


Sorry the picture is so crappy. One of my camera’s is MIA, and my phone just doesn’t cut it at night. Here’s 2 more……..


This is one of the small joys I have of Halloween. Carving pumpkins. My wife has always prided herself on the costumes, for me it’s the pumpkins….Not her pumpkins but carving them.
It is tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming but the reward is people commenting on them like they did last night…….Gee Mr.D you always do something with those pumpkins don’t you…….Lady if you only knew……
Can you tell I’m in an arnry mood?!?! That’s ok, I’m allowed to be every now and then.

It has been an extremely busy week. I had to close one of our locations due to a breakdown in lease negotiations which kept me out of the office for most of the week.
My daughter had split sessions at school because of OGT testing, which basically means she didn’t have to be at school until 10:30 this week which kind of threw the schedule off.

Trick or Treat was last night here and there wasn’t that many kids as last year. A little disappointing, but their costumes were fun and goofy and I enjoyed passing out the candy.

I hope to be back in regular routine next week and wanted to let you all know things are ok.
Enjoy your weekend……..Bob D.


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