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I was coming outside to the Veterans Day Parade held downtown here in Columbus today when the fish wrap dispenser caught my eye. I had to do a second take and then grab my camera. I wonder what mindless fuck thought this would be  a good idea to do????

To me, this incident, is a domestic terrorist attack.
Forget domestic….It’s a terrorist attack.
I am saddened, shocked, and disturbed by all of it.
Especially my ‘homeotwn’ paper not using their brain.
I wonder how the editors will explain this?


Comments on: "The Columbus Dispatch Has Gone Too Far" (3)

  1. Hey Bob, your description of the daily paper box as, “fish wrap dispenser” is priceless! 🙂 I love it.

    As for the advertisement blocking half the headline story, especially such tragic news, is just plain ignorant and totally insensitive.

    I have noticed the same trend happening here in Canada.
    The daily news headlines are frequently unreadable, due to an advertisement page covering half the front page!

    It seems money, (advertising dollars) are more important than any headline story, no matter how important or tragic.

    The newspaper editors will blame falling revenues force’s them to put advertisers front page, to make up for lost sales due to the world wide net.

    I say there is no excuse for such an ignorant decision.
    Thanks for posting that.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      What I thought was more ironic than anything was the sale add blocking the headline…50% OFF Veterans Day Sale????
      Come on……

      • You are absolutely right! The sale advertisement is just too ironic!
        Clearly no one in the corporate offices of that newspaper was thinking!
        I wonder if anyone will write a letter to the editor regarding this and demand a public apology to the veterans, victims and their families(hint hint Bob? 😉 or…
        if any heads will roll because of this shameful debacle?

        I do hope this incident is not ignored.

        It is important, I’m glad you posted it.

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