Just Another Recovering Person

The house was in turmoil last night. My daughter in a fit of rage hitting doors, cussing myself, my wife, and now her 11-year-old brother because of her behavior issues. Last night was the angriest I have seen my wife in a long time. I told her after it was all said and done that I would go to any length to make sure that this was not going to be our living situation for the next 2 years until my daughter turns 18 and leaves.
I feel my patience and my understanding going out the window. I refuse to live like this. I don’t care if it is medication, psych’s, or a group home for teenagers, I am not going to allow this to continue in any form or fashion and I told my daughter this as well. My wife just said I was angry, I am beyond angry. I told my daughter last night that I had enough of this, that she knows what is going on just as everyone else does. She is not getting her way and she thinks by acting out that whatever it is she wants will happen.
I told her, here is your newsflash…..It’s not going to go down like this anymore.

What concerns me the most is this was the first time she lashed out at her brother in a verbal confrontation other than the regular brother-sister nonsense. David screamed, cried convulsively, and hid in the closet. It tear’s my heart out to see this and my daughter is oblivious and is asking him “What is wrong with him?” She see’s nothing wrong with what she is doing. I spoke to David after it all happened and tried to comfort him to the best of my ability. I have several calls to make and have to go to the school today to straighten some things out. I am not looking forward to any of it.

The gratitude piece comes from reading bitter posts. I’ve read 2 on here today in regards to folks putting their own spin on 12 Step Fellowships they have either attend or once attended. My simple suggestion would be if you are that unhappy with the 12 Step program of your choice….leave. Don’t come back. The 12 Step Program will not collapse upon your departure, maybe it isn’t for you afterall. The program works, it just may not work for you. I say that not in a sarcastic way, just an honest way. I see no point in continuing to rant to others, if you want to “save” people from the “points of contention” you find in a program…Start your own fellowship.

My son and I have been playing COD on Xbox live. He is waiting so patiently for Modern Warfare 2 to drop, which I believe is today or tomorrow. He has been saving money and I told him I would cover the rest. It has been fun to watch him play. I am mindful to not let it dominate our lives but it is fun. The leaps of video games is a far cry from the asteroids machine I played at his age in the local market down the street. Ahhh…the joys of technology.

I hope this post finds you well. If you are struggling, which we all do from time to time, the answers will come……eventually.
Take Care….Bob D.


Comments on: "Setbacks, Gratitude, and Call of Duty" (4)

  1. thanks for the post.
    Sounds like a tough time you and your family are happening. I am sorry to hear that. It does sound like you are doing the right thnings though…putting your foot down.

    As for the 12 steps? YOU are 100% correct. They are not for everyone. They are a guide. A lot of people find a lot of success and are happy working them. To me they’ve always been a guide to better living and sometimes dealing with issue that creep up.

    but again, they are not for everyone

  2. Bob it’s so impressive to me, that amid all the chaos and disruptions at home, you are able to keep a positive outlook.
    A great inspiration!
    Thanks. 🙂

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