Just Another Recovering Person

I walked in last night and ducked. I could almost hear them breathing, the footsteps, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Some of it sounded as if it were a foreign language. Then the I heard the bullets zinging all around. My son screamed…………



Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten or alarm anyone at the beginning. I didn’t mean to sucker you in to anything. HA!!
So my son got an early Christmas gift and the game is 100% slick, at least what I saw last night. It was hard to keep up with him. I’m a gadgets kind of guy and there are a lot in the game. My son is more straight forward about it. I could hear the other players in the headset moaning over kills and deaths last night. The reason simply is most of the “pro” players online are lost.
The new maps (There are at least 10) are large and they have no familiarity with them. You have to remember the original game came out 2 years ago. The maps available online for that have been dissected and memorized for that length of time. These new maps are just that new, and experienced players are finding themselves lost in Noobville. My son informed me that a Noob is someone not familiar to the game that is an easy target (Me).

I called both doctors yesterday about our daughter. Our family physician recommended and increase in her BiPolar meds. The psych did not return my call.
I also went to the school and spoke to her cheer coach, and the Dean of Students.  I viewed her grade card and we talked about the social circus that is High School. I left there feeling like I had been listened to but I will have to follow up, like there was a concern but there were also bigger fish to fry.
I picked up her basketball cheer schedule. She had tried out for varsity but did not make it and will finish out the year on the JV squad.

Things were ok last night. I was tired after 10 hours here so that may have played a part in it.

I hope you enjoy your day.



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