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I saw the original “War of the Worlds” on AMC last weekend. I forgot how good that movie was. I saw the remake and thought it was fair. I’m sure that the original 1938 radio broadcast was just as good. I’ve heard parts of it, I can only imagine what was going through people’s minds.
Kind of like with Twilight. I’m sure I’ve seen this story before. Wait….I have. …..

It seems in 1941 a young Lon Chaney, Jr. as Larry Talbot introduced us to the Werewolf. I could go on about Bela Lugosi as the vampire we all know and love. I understand there is a remake of The Wolfman slated in production right now. I believe the release is in February of 2010.
Is it just me or is Hollywood running out of ideas?
I understand that Twilight really should have been called Tweenlight: New Money…….

My role in the new movie was simply this. A bystander caught up in some hooplah over a worn out idea that will make billions based on the dashing good looks of Hollywood’s young. I see the tabloids about these folks and I guess it could be jealousy or it could be stupidity. Stupidity on our part for creating a global phenom that has already occurred once in history. That’s kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?

 We are heading out to Louisiana to visit family for the Holiday. I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving already. One of my dreams is to take my wife to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My kids could really care less, but this is something her and I have talked about doing.
This would be the first time we have left Columbus for a Holiday away from home. Until her mother moved recently, all of both of our families have lived here. My wife’s father passed away 7 or 8 years ago now. She has a couple of half-brothers here but rarely see’s them. So this would be the first Holiday with no family.

Most of my family does their own thing. The go and see in-laws, those that are married anyway. My sisters have families of their own, and my Mom is getting too old to cook a big dinner for everyone. My dad would rather be with his friends or by himself  so I have always attached myself to my wife’s family. I am a little apprehensive, just because it is outside of my comfort zone but I will be okay. I told my wife I would take her to see her mom, and I will. These are the kinds of promises I can make and keep today. What a gift.

I certainly hope you enjoy your Holiday with friends and family. For some in recovery Holiday’s can be an especially trying time. My suggestion would be if you are planning on going to an event to have a back-up plan. A back-up plan, not a bail-out plan. Take a phone with you and numbers in case you need to call someone. Locate an OPEN meeting in your area. Some meetings aren’t held because of the Holiday and the facility being closed. Take your book. It can be easy to slip away and read a few pages to help get our minds back in proper perspective. Most importantly…DON’T USE. It is amazing how quickly our minds can switch gears during events like these, and the social acceptability beckons us to be a part of rather than a part from. It would be easy to fall back into the old ways of thinking and old behaviors while at a family event. The feeling to use will pass.

Be Safe.
Take Care…..Bob D.


Comments on: "My Role in Twilight:New Moon or Tweenlight:New Money" (2)

  1. Don’t get me started on Twilight. I think what annoys me the most is the fact that the series was written for 12 years olds and grown people are proud to announce that they are fans of the book. “Hi! I have an 8th grade reading level!” Grrrr….

    Speaking of vampires you are going to love New Orleans. If you’ve ever read any Anne Rice (a REAL novelist), she centralizes a lot of vampiric activity there and it’s not hard to see why. The french quarter is a clash of France, Haiti, early America and the deep south. Most people born there never leave so there is a lot of tradition and history. And the food! Loosen your belt buckle that’s all I’m gonna say.

    We’re eating at a Hare Krishna temple on Thanksgiving : ) All vegan. I’ll take photos if you will.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      I did have some local food while there. I am going to write about it all week. I have some photos of a place I ate at to show you.

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