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The Drive

I’ve never minded driving that much. I always thought I would make a good over the road truck driver. My dad was one for a number of years. Driving I have found is one of those yin and yang types of things in life. I can see some of the most amazing things that I wouldn’t get to see if I flew constantly, but I also have to deal with the frustrations of traffic and becoming tired from driving too long. The trip we took was 13 hours of driving each way. I drove every mile of it myself, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The kids have always been decent on trips. They have the uncanny ability to sleep most of the way there and still want to sleep that night. I guess we are fortunate in that regard. My wife it seems already had a plan in place. Although she said, “I’m ready to drive when you want”, the pillow and blanket had already given her away. The snoring was the nail in the coffin.

We headed out at 5am on Tuesday morning. My wife had made a decent purchase before we left. She bought a TomTom. I was not convinced on this small device. I’m still not quite sure how it is that they don’t charge some time of basic user satellite fee. My son even made a comment that we were resting our entire trip on that thing getting us from home half way across the country….Besides it could also be a Deceptigon in disguise.

The first few hours of the trip I was already familiar with, 71 south down thru Cincinnati then on towards Louisville, then towards Nashville. I’ve been able to go thru almost every state on the east coast so I do know a little about how to get places. We were making decent time until we got to the Nashville-Memphis corridor known as “The Music Highway”. This is I-40 that seemingly goes on forever, we ran into some traffic and a slowdown there but after that it was smooth sailing. I’m not going to bore you with every bump for the next 700 miles. Once we crossed into Louisiana everyone began to get excited.

 I began to get tired. Everyone was tired at that point. I knew pulling into Monroe that we weren’t far. The TomTom has from mile to mile point and overall miles to destination and it seemed as if everyone’s eyes were glued to it. The last 15 miles were the longest I have driven in a while. We soon pulled up to my mother-in-laws house and after everyone fell teary eyed out of the car and hugged for minutes I heard the magic words I had been wanting to hear for the last 13 hours……..No it wasn’t would you like to lay down and rest…..It was let’s get in the car and go eat. So we did, but I didn’t drive. I rode in a new Escalade, with heated seats, to a Mexican restaurant.

It was nice to sit down and eat, well eat not sit anymore. After we finished eating I was informed we were then going to drive to look at some relatives Christmas lights. What Joy!!!! Although tired I told myself to go with the flow, and I did. We went and looked at the lights and came back to my in-laws place. I was then informed that I would be going hunting the next morning with 2 uncles. Deer season is already in and I couldn’t miss this opportunity according to them. What time are we getting up? 3 am. Great, I didn’t realize I would travel half way across the country to only get 8 hours of sleep for the next 3 days……..

Tomorrow I will tell you about the hunt, the in-laws, and moments of tension…..

Take Care….Bob D.




Comments on: "The Drive" (3)

  1. You and David are a lot alike. I also appreciate the hynosis and one-pointed concentration of a long drive, but in the last few years I’ve stopped craving the road. David has not and insists on driving long distances without switching. I sounds like a good time was had by all, though I would have said I needed to rest after 13 hours on the road.
    I look forward to hearing about the hunt.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      I hope both of you enjoyed your Holiday of vegan food???? What no turkey gravy?!?

      • ecleary78 said:

        We did, and you really couldn’t tell the gravy didn’t have turkey in it. It was incredibly flavorful. Besides the candied yams, homemade cornbread and cran berries sauce and mashed potatoes were all to die for.
        Just to update, we are not on a vegan diet as of last week.. Things are unraveling do to David’s chronic pain and lack of work.

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