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The Trip Home

Sorry for the delay in the last post of the trip. I had a cold last week and was in a seminar for 2 days. I will try and catch you up on other events but I wanted to get this last post in about our return home from Louisiana.

I love Cajun food. I’m pretty much the only one in the house who does. My wife will eat some hillbilly recipe of red beans and rice but not the authentic stuff. My daughter likes some seafood but isn’t partial to the spice, so that leaves my son as the guinea pig. He was cool with this place we went to called The Waterfront Grill in Monroe. I had been looking forward to this as much as Thanksgiving Dinner itself.

The place is nestled right on the bayou and had fabulous scenery. Unfortunately my appetite as well as lack of light did not help my picture-taking cause. I did however snap this shot that seemed eerily to capture my thoughts on the bayou at night….

So we went in and sat down. My wife found a hamburger to order. The waitress just looked at her. She is just not down with the seafood. We ordered a crawfish plate (they had just come into season) and my son looked at me and the plate..me and the plate..me and the plate…..His face is worth a thousand words…..

The lady in the foreground is his grandma. David wouldn’t take a bite until he saw others eating and not passing out. His Nana and Aunt had to do the peeling and shucking for him….

Once he saw that people actually thought it was good he began to eat and have fun just like his crazy Aunt and Uncle…..

They really are good people and all in all I really can’t complain. There were some bumps in the road but that’s ok. People are just people, living their lives the best they can. I was invited into their world for a bit and had some fun.
But like all good things..they end eventually. I ended up not making everyone get up before sunrise. I mean everyone knew how long it was going to take to get home. We ended up leaving at 8:30 in the morning. There were many hugs good-bye and the constant question of …”When you moving down here”….which I will address shortly.
We got off to a good start. I thought we were making good time and my wife chimed out……

I want the kids to see Graceland.

Now our kids could give 2 shits less about Elvis Presley. My wife wanted to see Graceland. So in detour fashion we made our way to Memphis to the Holly Shrine built for the King. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a nice pad…but I didn’t think it was all that. I mean we didn’t take the tour but I saw what I wanted to see. So did the kids…….

After stopping in Memphis I knew the trip would not be complete without a stop on the outskirts of Nashville to a place my wife and I discovered on a trip there a couple of  years ago. A place called The Loveless Cafe. I HIGHLY recommend if you are in the area of Nashville to take the drive there. It is the BEST PLACE I have ever eaten at….

Best known for a orginal biscuit recipe and homemade preserves I could eat there every day (Gain 200lbs) and never get tired of the food. When we arrived they promptly told us it would be a 45 minute wait. The kids looked at us like we had conspired to keep them from eating. We walked the grounds and it was more like 20 and we were seated. I had the pulled pork (smokehouse is on the premises) and literally ate until I couldn’t eat another bite. The odd thing is our waitress is originally form Mansfield, Ohio. You would have thought we were from Hawaii by the way she acted. I guess it was good for her to know that people still live in Ohio.
The kids were satisfied and my wife was happy we were able to revisit one of our favorite places.
We drove on through the night and I realized I was developing a cold. I drove every bit of the return trip and we arrived at 1:30 am to the house.
We slept in and the cold soon set in on me, I believe, in part due to climate change. I am still getting over it.

I thought that night laying down about what everyone had been asking us. About moving there. The truth is I wouldn’t mind it so much. There would be a few things that we would have to do and put into place in order for this to happen but I am not opposed to it. I really like the country and the people there were extremely friendly. It could be that I am just tired of Ohio, but I know that wherever I go I take me with me. I am grateful to NA for teaching me that. It’s just an idea right now, nothing is set in stone. I have never minded the places I have lived, Columbus is ok, but I am not attached to a place based on anything more than what I make of it.

I hope that you were all able to see this trip through my feelings and eyes even if just a small bit. I will be catching you up on some things, holidays and such this week.

I hope you enjoy your day>
Take Care….Bob D.


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    Anyways, I obviously would love to have you closer to Dallas. We could have a shot at actually meeting one day. Plus it might be good for Lorna, who knows… I loved the photos from the crawfish meal. David sounds like me the first time I saw them, and the biscuit recipe had me drooling. Sorry you were sick but happy you’re feeling better. Keep drinking water, it helps…

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      It was on the way. I was kind of like Chevy Chase standing at the Grand Canyon in National Lampoons Vacation!!!!

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