Just Another Recovering Person

Sepultura — Territory

Years Of Fighting
Teaching My Son
To Believe In That Man
Racist Human Being
Racist Ground Will Live
Shame And Regret
Of The Pride
You’ve Once Possessed

I got turned on to the CD “Chaos AD” by Sepultura a few weeks back and have found myself unable to remove the CD from my player. I especially like track #2 which a portion of the lyrics are above.
Blogging in a sense is a war for territory. A sense of who is right and wrong. Opinions fly like bullets at times and comments can be like carpet bombs. I read several posts on here a day and it never ceases to amaze me how many posts there are concerning how something doesn’t work, or better yet how someone who invented, founded, or played a part in something did it for ulterior or evil motives.

Speaking of war, I watched the nightly news a couple of nights ago and a reporter was interviewing an afghan businessman who made shoes out of a cart in Kabul. He looked to be 50-60 and spoke of living to see Civil War, The war with the Soviets, and now the war with the US. He said it is Afghanistan’s legacy of war’s about power struggles.
I wonder where our current course of action will lead? The same result that the Soviets found? 13 years of war with no end results. In reviewing the footage, you will find a young Osama Bin Laden assisted by the US Government fighting the Soviets.
We have been involved now for 8 years, bringing our brand of Democracy to an area where an ideology cannot be killed. If you think that we weren’t involved in black ops in both Afghanistan and Pakistan at the beginning of the Iraq invasion or even prior to that you should be considered foolish.
I wonder how much longer we will be involved? The President says one thing, Congress says another, and the Military says a third. I hope the American public is prepared for a long-term investment of lives, because it won’t go away in 4 years. I support our troops, I support the United States, but what I don’t support is watching America fall apart over numbers that really don’t make a difference.
If you want to make a difference in the region, then let’s go all the way or nothing. Take over the country, Hell that’s what we are doing anyway, no one just has the balls to say it. Take over all 3, maybe we can invest our unemployed there making it the new Dubai.

 We took the kids to Wal-Mart last night for Holiday pictures. Ohhh Boyyyy.
Talk about a loss of serenity and understanding. We had a 7pm “appointment”. That was a joke. We were greeted with “We are running an hour behind”, instead of “Welcome to Wal-Mart”. We had a few things to pick up so we tried to make the best of it. I guess what caused my loss of patience was watching the clerk trying to ring out the customer before us for 45 minutes because of trying to sell this person upgrades to packages. It became a sideshow in itself……

She kept going thru the same steps on the computer…over and over and over expecting it to something different. My daughter even commented…”Dad she keeps doing the same thing”.
After 2 and half hours we finally were able to get our pictures done. Much to my dismay the kids held their own. They took some really good photos and we were able to leave without incident, unlike the children before us who were eating candy off of the floor.

God, I love the Holidays…..
Take Care…..Bob D.


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