Just Another Recovering Person

Behind and The Holiday Stigma

I am behind in a lot of things.
First and foremost I would like for you to keep my friend Elizabeth in your thoughts and send some positive energy towards Texas. Some medical things going on with family members that are life threatening. The situation is not good. I am here Elz.

It seems I am behind in blogs, work, life…
My wife has had me putting up Christmas decorations, and both of the kids have had colds. This is day 2 of not being at work and am doing my best to “work from home”.
I heard that term a few years ago and wondered how it is people do this. I have found working from home to be a distraction rather than a help. There is only so much I can do and I am easily distracted by the tv, the phone, and of course this.

The topic was brought up at the Sunday meeting about Holidays, and keeping focused on recovery. Some of the burden, it seems, is that we treat Holidays as different from other days in recovery. My thought on this came to me during the meeting is that it seems we are asked to be more involved with relationships, personal and professional during these times. Most of my relationships suffered as a result of my use, and it takes constant effort to work on them. Part of the difficulty is my perception and reactions to my relationships which I feel make the Holidays seem more difficult.

I mean I don’t want to be around certain individuals during the Holidays. I don’t. Some of these folks I see once a year, and they would make it seem that we are close or in constant contact with one another. The reality is I don’t like everyone. That’s ok. What I need to keep in mind is in acquiring back some of the social graces that were lost, one of which is being cordial, I have the opportunity to practice them.

Some of us have done terrible things to family and friends and feel ashamed in seeing them. This is the opportunity for amends if we are at that point in our recovery and have spoken to our sponsors about the particular persons in question. The last thing is simply, if I am in jeopardy, to have a plan.
I know far too many addicts that went into situations telling themselves they could handle it only to be there and realize they couldn’t.
A couple of suggestions are time limits, phone lists, meeting schedules for trips out-of-town, and taking The Basic Text with you.

Enough of my drivel.
What is your experience with the Holidays?
I am looking forward to your replies.

Take Care….Bob D.


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