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From Bad to Worse

My daughter had another one of her ‘Maniac Rages” yesterday that lasted from 2:30 until 9:00. The whole house was in turmoil and chaos. I have come to the conclusion that if another one of these episodes occurs we will be forced to call the police and have her sent to juvenile detention or get children’s services involved. Having said that I understand that once it starts, it probably won’t stop. I believe we are out of options.

I don’t know what else to do. We have followed everyone’s suggestions and the episode yesterday was the worst yet. We are using everything at our disposal. Medicine, psychology, affirmative statements, limited conversations, all of the jargon we have been told by the professionals and it isn’t working.

She says she wants to leave, live somewhere else. She told us she would live with her Uncle but on the phone last night he told us in no uncertain terms, “That shit ain’t happening”.
Yesterday she jumped out of the car twice, and left out of the house saying she was leaving.
There is a lot of uncertainty in my mind, confusion in my heart, and my judgement is clouded. I love her, but as a person, right now I am having a hard time finding the love.

It is hard to watch her 11-year-old brother sit and scream and shake and cry after one of these episodes, saying he hates her….she should just leave.
Maybe he’s right. Maybe she should.
I know that this is not working. I know that she is driving a wedge so deep between my wife and I that our relationship feels like it is teetering on the brink of collapse. I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to go to a house that is in total disruption.
This is beyond me. I feel lost and confused. I want to know why this happening and how we are supposed to live our lives……..


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  1. Have you tried Jesus? Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. See the many miracles Jesus did, healing people of physical and mental illnesses. He casted out demons and more. Today, Jesus is still alive and well. He is still in the miracle business now and forever. You may have no other options. Won’t you try Him today. Pray for your daughter in Jesus’ name.

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