Just Another Recovering Person

Return to the Real World

Well the break is over. This was more than evident by my son’s reaction to waking up at 6:15 am to get ready, or lack thereof, for school. I was late getting my daughter to school thus setting off a chain reaction of lateness that reminded me that I am not in nor ever was in Kansas.

My daughter returned home from her impromptu trip to Florida with her Aunt and Uncle and proceeded to demand in no certain order:
1) Subway
2) A new phone
3) A trip to the beauty salon
4) Sleep

Her phone is completely done and my wife felt it necessary to get this taken care of yesterday by getting a new one for both my daughter and my son. I am not 100% opposed to this, the timing just stinks. We have to save some money somewhere and it’s just not happening by doing this. I also found out that during the trip, my daughter was in a fight on NYE with a girl who had went with them that my brother and sister-in-law had considered adopting. She is 15 and knew the family. I guess this girl decided to wonder off and found herself on the front porch of a condo down there and decided to drink and smoke a little pot. My daughter found her and told her to get back to where they were staying. The girl told her no, and spit on her. My little princess then beat her up……lovely.

Our family isn’t mad, and I guess there was more that happened that I didn’t find out about until last night. Needless to say because of these revelations the adoption is on hold, and it’s not all because of the fight, there are much bigger issues that I won’t reveal here.

My son is now afraid of his room. He has a bedroom in the finished part of the basement and is finding anyway he can to not be down there due to the furnace and water pipes making noise. I have no idea on how to handle this. My first reaction is to be angry, and of course this doesn’t work. I’m sure something will change, I’m not sure what though.

The talk at the NYE Event went well. Then our Area Convention was this past weekend as well. I wasn’t too sold on it. I’ve never been a big fan of conventions. It seems to occupy a lot of time, money, and talent that could be used in another area.

Of course there was my own return to work today. Today is a day that I would have rather just stayed home. People calling off, problems leftover from the weekend, and the usual nonsense that seems to happen on a Monday magnified by 10. I could just be crabby or whining, which I don’t mind doing especially after returning to the real world. The holidays, the holiday schedule seems to provide a false sense of comfort at times. Like by magic, because I have a light schedule, bills are paid and there is a never-ending supply of money in the bank, until i get my credit card statements in the mail.

So what does this have to do with recovery, absolutely nothing, except everything.
This is just another day of living, you know the thing I like to run from. Just doing what every one else is doing……Imagine that.

Take Care……Bob D.


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