Just Another Recovering Person

Well it seems I did it again, this time it was just a little bit late. I owe my latest success in blogging to a random blog I posted about the new Twilight movie several months back. In the wake of Avatar, Amanda Bynes, and record box office numbers, somehow this random post ended up with 155 views of nothing more than my ramblings about a half-baked movie. I feel like a pimp…..or I missed my calling.
Maybe I should become a movie critic? Really I should leave that to Siskel and Ebert or however is doing it now.

I could go on about how I know some folks who have seen Avatar 3 times now. It seems at $14 a ticket for the Imax 3-D version I can see how it could easily gross 1 billion dollars in such a short amount of time, especially when the World of Warcraft servers are overloaded. I mean for 350 million to make Cameron could have shown anything with this hype and made money.

Several of the folks I work with are movie junkies. Watching trailers, keeping up with the latest releases, who is in and who is out. I feel like a critic based on the trailers we watch:
Book of Eli……maybe
The Road…….maybe
Edge of Darkness…..Been there already, movie idea anyway

I could pick hits. I could hype a film to say it’s got Oscar potential, but I’d be lying.

Speaking of movies, the root of my son’s problems with going to bed at night has been revealed. It seems that in October when he stayed at my mothers, one of his cousins decided to watch Child’s Play. You remember good old Chuckie don’t you…..

Well it seems my son is under the impression that Chuckie…well is real. Never mind he enjoys Jeff Dunham and all the puppets he uses. After a 3 hour debate, and me sleeping on the couch because he is too scared I still have not been able to convince him that this little dude isn’t real. I’ve even thought about buying one-off of Ebay so that he could destroy it in the hopes it would give him some power over it. I am open to any suggestions if anyone has encountered this with children and what they did that worked.

So I sleep on the couch in a fit of anger. I got 5 hours of sleep last night and turned around to work a 10 hour day today. I’m tired and grouchy. I know….Quit whining Bob.

Take Care…..Bob D.


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