Just Another Recovering Person

Hello Bob….It’s Elenna from Siberia again. Travel Agent has set up email for me to you I talk. Mother is unhappiness with me because America I want to come. Am looking for man to stay with instead of rent room. You will like me, I like sex, and am good woman……

This is a sample of the barrage of emails I received on a private account from an alleged “Mystery Woman from Siberia”. I played along for the first couple of emails (Cause I’m Sick) just to see where it would go and it went exactly where I thought it would…..Money. After a long and desperate sob story and a promise of love/sex upon arrival all I needed to do was wire money via Western Union to a location in Russia. Well I looked this scam up on Google and to my surprise found the womans correspondence with several other folks. Pictures, emails, the whole nine yards. It was quite interesting to see how elaborate it all was.

It has been cold here like much of the country. It hasn’t gotten any warmer than 25 during the day (not counting the wind chill) and it has been in the single digits at nights. It has snowed everyday. Not a driving or heavy snow, just enough to get an inch everyday and feel it on your face when I am outside. The wind is the worst. They are calling for 2-5 inches of snow here tomorrow which unfortunately for this stuck in the middle of somewhere Midwest is enough to shut the city down.

Money….It seems that my 2 credit cards that I have used for mad money are over the limit and racking up some kind of fee’s. Chase called me this morning (My statement isn’t due until 1/16) wanting to know when I was sending my payment in. I told the fellow on the other end not until the day it shows due on the statement. To this he replied. “Well the amount is now different”. I told him that’s not my fault. I haven’t charged anything on the card in 3 months in order to pay it down but can’t because they keep charging me for being over 5 fucking dollars. They told me they are not going to penalize me for the next 3 months while I try to get this paid down. I posted several months back I shredded all 3 of my cards and having been paying on them but the damage is already done. I haven’t told my wife because I don’t want to stress her out and I got myself into this mess and I want to be able to get out of it on my own. I can see I am going to have to really buckle down to do so, but I am determined on doing it.

I was reading the 12th Step last night I have a better understanding of what the term “Spiritual Awakening” does and does not mean to me. There are some that would have you believe that it is some plane of existence that few are able to reach or achieve. To me simply, it is what our literature refers to as an active change in our thoughts and actions. It doesn’t mean my motives are constantly pure or I don’t screw up because I do. It means that I continue to put in the effort in all areas of my life, just not try to look like a Spiritual God in meetings or talk down to people. I’m no different from when I walked in the door of NA 4 plus years ago to a degree. I am still a recovering addict trying my best to live life, no more-no less.

It has been extremely busy at work with deadlines and commitments.
My son was able to go to bed and stay in bed last night with little to no problems and was pretty easy-going this morning. He had a field trip today and I was packing his lunch I thought of another day of ups and downs. When I got to work I was riding the elevator and closed my eyes, asking God as I understand God to be for a little help this day. It can’t hurt anything, can it?

Take Care….Bob D.


Comments on: "Russian Brides, The Cold, and Money" (2)

  1. I ask God for strenght everyday and then thank him at my lunch break for getting me that far. haha.

    My experience with getting myself into a mess and then trying to get out of it on my own, has never really worked for me.

    I shared about my financial mess with my sponsor and then at the group level and it helped put me in the solution and it also opened my mind to borrowing some money from friends, which was totally uncomfortable and humilitating for me.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      I really like making it to lunch time!!
      I guess with the getting myself out part is just me wanting to be responsible when the responsible thing to do would have been to decline the card.
      I will bring it up to my support group.

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