Just Another Recovering Person

I’ve heard some goofy topics. I’ve heard some serious ones as well. Part of it is not knowing what I need help with. Ever been in a meeting and someone brings up the topic of “Life on Life’s Terms”?
Then as the sharing makes its way to that person they expound upon it and we hear what is really going on.
I was in a meeting last night and the topic of “Isolation” was brought up. This is a legit topic. So the sharing goes around the room and the person who brought up the topic not only gets up and down 100 times, they are texting on a cell phone when they are able to sit down.
So it was taught to me early on if I felt like I needed to bring up a topic to word it as best I could, sit and listen, and not comment on my topic. How is it I can offer myself experience when I am asking for it to begin with? There is a difference in sharing experience, and in sharing just to hear myself talk. If I am in a bad spot I need to just say that.
So I talk a little about isolation, the 2 forms I know today are formed from either fear or apathy. I talked about my experience only.
It came around to the person who brought up the topic who basically said…

“I don’t want to go to meetings or do anything. I know what I’m supposed to do. But don’t know what to do. I have a large social circle but don’t feel social, I don’t know what to do….I Pass”.

Well, I hear both fear and apathy but it’s hard to tell for sure, especially when it is more important to text a bff then it is to listen to what is being said. I mean I could be blabbering nonsense and spin it so it sounds decent.

How about them Saints? Not a fan but the game was good. Our family in Louisiana called to let us know how crazy the state was yesterday, not just New Orléans.

We had a big snow here Friday. Calling for more snow tomorrow into Wednesday. Spring can’t come soon enough.

Take Care.


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