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There is a link on this page to Oxy Watchdog that has an article that ran in this past Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch on the “Epidemic” of pills, prescriptions, pain clinics, and State of Denial that Ohio is in. I read the article at home and found that I have seen these stats before, especially about Southern Ohio. I am more than certain there was a documentary on PBS about the “Southern Triangle” of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia that chronicled the invasion of Oxycontin into those areas. I’ll see if I can find the link.

This is not a new issue. This has been ongoing for almost 10 years. I’m not going to give an Oxy history lesson, or any drug lesson for that matter. I know that there is a severe problem in that area, as well as others, due to a multiple of factors which were outlined in the article. I also know that efforts in the recovery community are ongoing to bring a message of recovery, but with that being said, there are just as many “Pain Management Clinics” as there are meetings if not more. Virtually Anyone can go into one of these clinics and walk out with a script where the 1 pill can bring $80 on the street.

Another round of snow has arrived. I got up fully expecting the kids would be off from school today and as I watched the closings scroll across the screen every school district with the exception of my children’s is closed today. I have no idea why, but my son has launched a formal investigation as well as protest to the matter. He is planning on carrying a sign outside of school that reads…..Conspiracy Victim.
Just kidding….He is pissed though.

My daughter on the other hand wants to be at school. She was in kind of a pissy mood last night and I’m not sure why. Her and her brother at it. Back and forth with sibling nonsense.

I’ve never had to shovel heat. I’ve never scraped wind off my car windshield. I’ve never slipped and fallen on a sidewalk covered in sunshine. So much for the debate about what is good about winter….except I know what cold snowy days are good for……Do You?

Take Care….
Bob D.


Comments on: "You know what Snowy-Cold Days are good for??" (6)

  1. We are supposed to have snow accumulation this Thursday. Taht will e the third time this winter. I hadn’t seen snow in years so it’s been a cold one. I can only imagine what you guys are getting up there.
    To answer your question David is happily settling into his new job which he started last week. The procedures on his back did nothing to help his pain and put us $5000 in debt. We have decided to go back to holistic healing. It gets no credibility but it helps the man I love and that’s all I care about. We did a yoga workshop weekend together last weekend and he’s been in very little pain since then. I am grateful.
    The boys are counting down to thrit Disney trip in 32 days. We are all very excited for a MUCH needed vacation. I can’t wait to see them this weekend.

  2. It’s been snowing here for a while, but we’re used to it.

  3. It doesn’t snow in Los Angeles. 😦

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