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Tense and Crazy

Thanks for all of the input yesterday.
One of my friends asked me to write a little more about the incident from yesterday so I will.
The client that brought the gun into our facility yesterday was not med compliant. In laymen terms they weren’t taking their medication. The gun was loaded, 9 rounds and with one in the chamber. Everything happened so quickly. The main person involved was a guy who works at our reception desk. The client pulled the gun out of her purse and slammed it don on the counter demanding to see someone. He hollered out, “Gun”, and 2 of our staff members were able to grab ahold of her as she picked the gun up and was trying to put it back in her purse.

I guess what is more important was the talk we had after it all happened. He sat and cried in my office, saying the names of his 2 children and girlfriend over and over.
I like what I do, but it isn’t worth risking my life over, he said.
I agree with him 100%.
The entire day after that was tense and just as crazy. We had client after client get loud and obnoxious. Sometimes it’s part of the territory, other days like yesterday were just completely fucked up. There is no other way to express it.

 I just received a call from my wife in regards to our personal situation. It seems as if our relatives have been dropping more and more hints about moving to Louisiana. She was crying on the phone. My wife is not happy here, it is more than obvious. I think the change we have been talking about is looking at us in the face. I have some reservations, not fears. I need to take it all in.

 I wanted to write more today but my heart really isn’t in it right now.
I will give you a better update tomorrow.

Take Care.


Comments on: "Tense and Crazy" (2)

  1. Having moved many, many times in my life I can guarantee wherever you go your problems will follow. However, I can also say that sometimes a move is just what is needed to reset and restart. My family moved me to Houston from Detroit when I was 11 and it ruined my life. They moved me to Clinton, NJ when I was 13 and it saved my life. So it could go either way. David and I visit Louisiana once a year so you could count on us finally meeting which makes me happy! Personally I think you should do it.
    Thanks for telling the story in more detail. Wow…. I really feel for the guy..

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