Just Another Recovering Person

A Short List

Taking a break from writing about the daily nonsense of teenagers…Some things were revealed to me……

When I was 17 I was selling drugs to kids who are the same age as my son now..11.
I am stronger than I think.
I am better at telling people how I feel today and not at the expense of their own feelings.
I have held a gun to someone’s head, and had a gun held to mine.
I care about the community I live in.
I am involved with The Boyscouts of America.
Every relationship I’ve had with a woman has ended because of my insecurities as a man.
In two years I have only missed 1 football or basketball game that my daughter has cheered at.
My son is funny and calls me Butt Cramp aka Pain in the Ass.
I lied most of my adult life….about everything.
I think God is pretty cool.
I cry.
I was once told to leave a town and never come back by the local authorities.
I like to cook.
I like to eat even more!
I don’t remember a good portion of my childhood.
My wife is an angel.
I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my wife.
I don’t have good relationships with my immediate family due to addiction.
I am worthy.
I am clean today.
I want to be a little bit better tomorrow than I was today.
I have a desire to stay clean.
I feel like a human being again.
I am grateful for Narcotics Anonymous and those who paved the way before me.

I am a recovering addict….my name is Bob D.


Comments on: "A Short List" (2)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    This is wonderful. It reminds me of the 10 Things About Me lists that we used to do on MySpace. Balls to the wall style. Remember? I love this kind of openess and honesty. As someone who has read your blog for 3 years now, I can truly see a difference in you just from your writing. You have so much more acceptance, less angst and less defeatism. You seem to enjoy parenting more than you did, although it seems like it’s harder than it used to be. You have so much more relaxed confidence regarding sponsoring and the program, and do not seem as hellbent to hammer down the “meaning of NA” but more just accept it as “what works for you”. More recently, your posts have all had a loving sentiment about your wife lately. I am happy to hear you guys are bonding.
    Didn’t know you like to cook. That is Davids and my favorite thing to do, besides yoga and of course EATING.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      I can cook anything…I can make a tire taste good….not really, I do have a few dishes I am good at. I really prefer the eating part if the truth be told.
      Thanks for the support and the friendship.

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