Just Another Recovering Person

I went to 2 meetings yesterday. I went to a noon meeting after stopping at the house for a sandwich on lunch break. I walked in a little late, but I knew I needed to be there. I also went to a meeting last night and heard an excellent talk given on the 10th Step. I guess I needed to hear what was said.

It dawned on me that I do 10th Step work here, on this blog, almost everyday. I write about the here and now, mostly. I write about my feelings, my thoughts. I at some point during the day go back over what I have written and reply to any comments. I review what I have written and if it’s a rant I take it for what it is worth. If it involves something more I look at it even closer.

The fellow speaking last night stressed the importance of the 10th Step for those of us with 1 day clean or 100 years clean. He pointed out that ultimately we all wake up with ourselves, our actions, and the importance of self-examination. He talked about how H.A.L.T. affects both the newcomer and how it affects the person with substantial clean time. It was a good talk.

Before the meeting we went to our daughter’s cheerleading banquet. I was surprised how little “team spirit” there was in the room. Most of the girls sat by themselves, or in one’s or two’s. Our daughter sat with us and only talked to a couple of the other girls. I was proud to see her get her JV Letter. She was disappointed because she didn’t get a 2nd year varsity letter. She had goofed off so much during the year that although she cheered at varsity and JV games, she was never “officially” promoted to varsity.

I spent 3 hours this morning in the dentist chair. I have had an ongoing work being done that is nearing the end. My mouth is sore and my jaw hurts from holding it open. The dentist has been really cool. Her and I had a wonderful talk in between Novocaine shots and drilling. I say that with a bit of sarcasm but in reality she has been great. I was apprehensive about telling her I was a recovering drug addict when I had my first appointment but she has treated me no differently because of that information and for that I am grateful.

 I wish I had more to share with you but right now to be honest I am not in the mood. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Take Care…..Bob D.


Comments on: "3 Hours in the Dentist Chair" (4)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Also, did you talk to your wife about moving? WIll it be Lousiana or another part of Columbus?

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      We have been looking around Columbus and not much is panning out. We are going to Louisana at the beginning of April and see what’s going on.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Is the front tooth looking normal again? Also I completely agree that this blog is a daliy 10th step. Though I don’t blog anymore, I am happy to report that blogging every day taught me how to self-analyze my day and my actions and usually talk it out with someone. It was a tool that helped built a necessary skill.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      Currently I have a temporary bridge in. The permanent one is supposed to be ready at the end of this month and I get move past this and get my smile back.

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