Just Another Recovering Person

A Book in the Works???

I have said it before, I’m not writing a book.
I’ve thought about it and something is compelling me to perhaps start this journey. I hope it is not based in ego. I have to check my motives, I have to pray and meditate on it. I need to speak to my sponsor about it.
I would need to have people in place around me that would see the vision through in a clear, honest, and informative manner.
I want to remain anonymous….Is that possible?
I don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable position. I know there are a few writers on my blogroll lost, perhaps I should consult with them.

Any thoughts or suggestions????


Comments on: "A Book in the Works???" (3)

  1. Lately I’ve had the realization that to me a clear message is one that speaks directly to my spirit. It’s received free of diseased thinking. It’s a message beamed directly to my conciousness. You my friend, write with extreme clarity. I think you should do it.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Of course you should do it. Ego plays a part in all we do but you and I both know it’s not your primary motivation. Just know you’ll get a lot of unexpected stuff out of it, both good and bad.

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