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Basements and Gravy

I think I mentioned that I made contact with NA in the new town I will be moving to. It is a small group and most seemed to be ordered there by the drug courts. The state of Louisiana doesn’t play with drug offenders.
If you are caught with an empty prescription bottle that doesn’t have your name on it is a Class 5 felony. Right before we left there was legislation pending that if you are convicted of a drug offense that your driver’s license is stamped “Drug Offender” and has to be kept that way for 8 years. Very interesting.

I am on another site that links recovering people from around the country and “met” a guy who lives in this town. Just my luck he is a person whom on one hand “Thanks the Fellowship that saved his life” but on the other “Bashes the structure and decisions of the Fellowship”. Basically he is a person whom has resentments about events and won’t let them go. He has been clean for 17 years and feels no one in the area can possibly understand his level of “Recovery”. This is just what I didn’t need, I’m just being honest.

In fact I can’t stand this type of person. How in the fuck are you going to say you love NA and then complain about every part of it? I’m not saying that I conform or agree with every aspect of recovery but I am not going to sit and name names, quote figures, run down literature, and basically trash a fellowship who welcomed me with open arms and only wanted to help me. It seems armed with clean time, a resentment, and some information that this person has been able to drive people away from the very group that kept its doors open for him. I came to NA in desperation and all the wanted to do was help.

Whew….That’s off my chest.

I spent the evening helping my wife re-inventory her ‘Barbie’ collection. She is trying to sell it before we leave. I don’t think it is going to happen. She has over 200 dolls that have been in storage and I think they are worth maybe $2,500-$5,000. We need to sell them because I found out her car needs repaired which is $1,300 and truck rental will be about $1,000 as well as finishing my dental work before we go is $500. This is more money than I can lay out all at once. I know we are going to have a yards sale but I don’t think anything we have to sell will get this kind of money together.

A friend of mine got her 5 year coin last night. I texted her and told her congrats. We ended up going out to dinner for my daughter’s birthday. My son acted like a punk due to the attention she was getting. He was pissed because she already had a party and now he feels he should get 3 or 4 parties himself.

Ahh so much to do!! I need to start packing this weekend. I am going to start in the worse area first, the basement!!! Uhh…I figure if I tackle it first everything else will be gravy.

Until Monday….Have a great weekend!


Comments on: "Basements and Gravy" (4)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    First off, I grimaced when I read about the NA member. You KNOW I understand that. The negativity and immaturaty was so high here in Dallas that I left never to return. I still believe I wouldn’t be clean today if I had stayed. It is my fervent wish that the groups in Monroe are what you need Bob.
    Second, Good luck on selling the Barbie collection. Due to not having any luck with a buyer we’re selling our 1200 dollar couch for 100 bucks. We ran out of time as my brother is giving us a couch on Sunday. It stings…
    Third, I totally relate to David being a butt during Lornas birthday. Get this. Since Graysons birthday fell over our week in Disney we celebrated his birthday the week we were there. Connor we all grumbly and has been nonstop about how we need to do some BIG event for his birthday now. He’s relentless. Kids… We took your ass to freaking disney. Gratitude maybe? No? sigh..

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      Yeah David thinks we need to have a special fireworks display or something…..little nut.
      Money issues just plain suck.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. When people are recovering from something so powerful as drug addiction they usually have many regrets. Much of the time this comes out as frustration or bitterness. It helps to understand that people with resentments usually are the most angry with themselves.

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