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Rebuking Satan

So my wife drags me to a small town called Bastrop. There is a thrift store there that is staffed by women in a recovery program and my wife’s intention is that I could talk to one of the ladies there and find out about meetings, counseling opportunities, and so on…..

We walk in to a nice, clean store and there is a woman at the counter. My husband would like to hear about meetings and what you do here…

There is an AA meeting down the street one night a week.
Do you go?
Is there NA meetings?
What meetings do you go to?
I don’t. I believe in the healing power of God. We go to church meetings and rebuke temptation and Satan.
I See….
I tried AA and NA and they don’t work…A Higher Power isn’t a lamp…It’s Jesus Christ who has the power you’re looking for.
Maybe I will stop by. Thanks for your time and your help.

I get into the car and look at my wife…..

Was she helpful?
She wanted to lay hands on me.
They rebuke Satan dear.

Let me be upfront. Church works for what church is intended for. I have a difficult time believing that I am somehow under the influence of Satan. Secondly, if I am, I am behind schedule in rituals, sacrifices, and general evil.

All kidding aside…I believe that everyone has the right to find recovery in their own manner. This particular way just isn’t for me. Most pastors, preachers, and ministers I have spoken to have come to realize that church necessarily isn’t enough. Why do you think so many 12 Step programs are held in churches? The ministry provides and invaluable outreach program by allowing meetings to take place. I spoke to Pastor Gene Brundige who told me that 12 Step Programs were a gift from God because it allows those whom wouldn’t have had a relationship with God at all at the very least will open their minds to an idea of a loving God and that was a blessing.

I always felt like if I were having a difficult day that it was a wavering of Faith. If I am human, and I am, how is it people can tell me not only that I shouldn’t feel that way and the reason I feel that way is my faith is not strong enough or it’s the Devil tempting me, that if I simply pray harder I would be better?!?
It’s like praying that the electric bill gets paid. I can pray all day long, but I pay the electric bill, not God. The last time I checked God was not a controlling partner in AEP or Centergy.

I have been to a couple of more meetings here. It is the same story, 1 or 2 people and the meeting itself is a joke because there simply is no experience in living clean. It’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just the way it is. I have decided that I will pick 2 or 3 of these meetings to attend regularly and lend my support. I will keep you posted.

Take Care.
Bob D.


Comments on: "Rebuking Satan" (4)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    I don’t believe in God so for me, recovering through the church would never have been possible. That being said, you’re in the Bible belt now Bob. People around here take this shit really seriously, and so I can completely see how translating their recovery into a religous experience would be the only way some people can be “saved”.
    Trust that your own personal solution will be found during this challenging time. Call me if you want to talk. You KNOW I understand. And you may want to try an AA meeting…

  2. I think that some of these faith-based (Christian) recovery programs are dangerous. I just heard about one here, who completely stripped a struggling addict of his sexual identity (he was gay), told him he was going to go to hell if he didn’t condemn homosexuals and allow himself to be ‘healed’. I still have trouble with AA/Al-Anon’s thinly veiled Christian references. However, there is a lot of other stuff in Al-Anon that I embrace and find helpful. “Take what you like and leave the rest”, I guess.

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