Just Another Recovering Person

I cut my hand at work yesterday. Enough to require stitches. I’m still not sure if the gentleman at the hospital I went to was qualified to do it or not. You see what should have taken 6 to close, he did in 2.
I sat for 3 hours in a one room emergency room with my boss as it is a workers comp related injury. Nothing is seriously damaged, however my hand is swollen still and I am not feeling well this evening. I wonder if it has something to do with getting a tetanus shot as well?!?

 I declined any medication although I don’t believe at any time any was offered. It was eye-opening and frustrating as well. This pattern continued this morning as we took the kids to the dentist. We arrived at 9am and left at noon. The head dentist was late as his pontoon boat was sinking this morning. No one left happy.

 My daughter lost her job at Sonic. It seems there was a mix up with another girl’s ‘Changer’ but oddly enough her bank balanced with the manager on Thursday night with no problems only to go into work on Friday and be told that she ‘Purposely Switched’ changers to come out $29 ahead. Never mind that it was payday and she had made $58 dollars in tips. One of the girls she works with has become a fast friend and is leaving. This girl does not get along with the night manager and I believe there were some teenage personalities involved. My daughter may be a few things but she is a hard worker and is certainly not a thief. Her mother and I stand behind her whole heartedly in this matter. She was asked to pay the $29 dollars back and was told she was no longer needed. She told the night manager that there are employee’s stealing from them but she was not one of them to which he hung up on her. I told her to use this as a learning experience.

My wife is losing weight. A good deal of weight. I have never nor would ever make an issue out of someone’s weight. I have far too many years in life to realize that beauty is but a fleeting thing. The shape of one’s body can never measure the depth of one’s heart. She was very surprised at her new pant size today. I will not divulge it here because that is a personal matter but I can tell you she as ecstatic.

 I continue my search and my path of recovery here. Each day is a wonder to me. At times, to be honest, I really have no idea of how I stay clean. Some days it is just a sheer determination to let things pass, other days I can feel the energy of love and help from those both near and far. I do believe that my HP has put me here for a purpose and I will continue to move on in spite of how I feel at times.
Some days I am full of joy and others I just want a blanket to pull over my head. Maybe this is truly just life. I would like to think that at some point a calmness will return. Everything is still just too new, or I am balking at the decisions we made.

I hope this post finds you all well.
Take Care…
Bob D.


Comments on: "Cut Hands, Bruised Ego’s, and Weight Loss" (3)

  1. Elizabeth said:

    David says tetanus shots can make you feel a little fluey for 24 hours so that may be what is up. I am sorry you hurt yourself at work 😦
    Congrats to your wife! I agree that beauty is fleeting but weight has nothing to do with beauty and all to do with health. The better we care for our bodies at 0-50, the better our bodies care for us at 50 and up.
    You are in our thoughts.

  2. Hope your hand is healed and congrats to your wife! A big congrats to you for continuing on the path of recovery! Stay strong in your HP. Life does come with rough territory at times but with a clear mind, we can face it so much better.

  3. Bob – it sounds like you had quite a week! I used to think that to be happy we had to be happy all the time now I understand that life is filled with emotion – the easy and the hard. As onepillawayfromchaos said – its when we face the tough times with strength that we are happy. You are doing brilliantly – moving is not easy. But its exciting too!

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