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When the Wind Blows

I have come to find out in the south that a cold front is as welcome as a cold drink of water. It’s been a little while since my last post, through no chosing of my own. During a recent storm we had a power surge and subsequently it fried the hard drive in our computer. I had considered buying a new one as this one is at least 5 years old, but I have done upgrades to it over the years. I just bought a new hard drive. What sucks the most is the catalog of pictures and files I had stored, but didn’t back up. So if by chance you are reading this, please back up your files so they aren’t lost forever.

 The days seem to come and go as they do. It has been oppressively hot here. Excessive heat warnings, record-setting temperatures, and little rain have provided me with a firm vision of Dante’s Inferno.

I sat on the porch this evening with my wife, contemplating our lives and our recent decision to move. In the end, our reasons are valid. I have learned that no matter where I go, I take me there as well. I feel ok in spirit, but not in body. I am tired, probably from the heat and lack of sleep. My back is killing me. I pulled it at work. I told myself today, I can’t take time off and I certainly can’t tell them it hurts. After cutting my hand a week or so back it would appear as if I am hunting for a workers comp claim and the bottom line is I need this job.
The economy here is worse than what I had originally thought. Unless you can work pipeline, have offshore skills, or own land it’s a crap shoot.

I remain steadfast. I would like to say that recovery meetings have been helpful but the reality is that most of the meetings here are a joke. There is little to no recovery to be found at them. I continue to work a personal program to the best of my ability and catch a meeting to remain connected. I spoke to my sponsor a few days ago and asked him if he would remain my sponsor as there are no viable candidates here. Of course he said yes.

I read, write a little on stepwork, and don’t use. I pray to the HP of my understanding to help me daily and I close my eyes when the wind blows and hope for a cold front.

Take Care….Bob D.


Comments on: "When the Wind Blows" (3)

  1. Hi Bob, it sounds like you are doing well. You are in touch with that is going on. Thats the main thing. I can’t begin to imagine what the dry heat of Louisiana is like. I sit here typing looking at the snowy French Alps. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m off to back up my computer.

  2. ecleary78 said:

    This blog made me tear up a little. I don’t quite know why. I am moved by your steadfastness and your ability to endure. I am glad you are keeping your sponsor.
    A cold front will come. I promise this winter you’ll be praying for a heat wave. October is usually when the fall air blows in, and it’s amazing.

  3. Elizabeth said:

    I have to add one more thing. Sorry for nagging but I’m am not only a yoga teacher and a nursing student, I am the wife of a man who has a destroyed back. I watch his agony and our medical bills and though he takes action every day for his health and well being, it is too late for certain aspects of his spine (disks that are herniated or destroyed from surgery, nerve damage). It is in this spirit I wanted to remind you to make sure you bend your knees all the way down to pick something up rather than bending at the waist. Take that photograph above of you and your dog. The way you are bending to shake his paw. Yeah.. don’t do that. If you find a place you can work out on your core strength (obliques, abs, glutes) can also help give you those supporting muscles to protect the discs in your back. Trust me, once they’re gone you can’t get them back.
    Love you my friend.

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