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Sex, Stream, Suicide

I was watching the story the local news carried about Tyler Clementi and the fervor surrounding the number of gay/lesbian suicides in recent weeks due to bullying, or due to their sexual preference being revealed in a manner that was inappropriate. It seems in Tyler’s case his roommates allegedly streamed live via webcam an encounter Tyler had with another man in his room.
In reality, if this had been a man and a woman I could have charged $19.95 and been called an entrepreneur, but because of what it has become we will call it suicide instead.

I have several gay friends. I consider myself open-minded. I have my own views of homosexuality, and they are just that, my views. What I am wondering is, is this a case of bullying or a case of shame? In all that I have read there seemed to be no malice between the roommates before the incident. That the roommates had told friends at home that, ‘They were glad to have found such a cool roommate (Tyler)”. Is this a case of bullying or a case of a roommate making poor decisions to spy on another roommate who had a webcam setup in the room for sometime for God knows what else (His/Her own Sex Streams) and put someone else’s junk out there to see?
In the end it seems so petty, and the loss of such a gifted young man and the countless lives that are changed all over a situation like this makes me wonder sometimes.
It makes me wonder what happened to the people I made fun of growing up? I could lie and tell you I didn’t pick on others, but I did. We didn’t have webcams or digital cameras. We had mouths that roared and stories made up to embarrass one another. We had wedgie’s and lockers stuffed with rotting banana peels. Looking back on it now it seems so foolish.
Now we have digital cameras, live steaming video, picture mail, text messaging, bogus MySpace and Facebook pages and a determination to hurt on a whole new level.
I guess what caught my attention was, these were adults, not kids, not teens, but adults in college. I can’t vouch for their maturity levels but their ages deem them adults in society. Something just isn’t coming together for me with this story, there is something amiss and I am sure more will come to light.

 My wife went to Texas to Canton. Some huge spend more of Bob’s money adventure with her Aunt. I guess it’s like a huge flea market (Help Elz) that is all the rage. So the kids and I have been left here to our own devices. David went roller skating and my daughter continues to work on carpel tunnel syndrome being on computer and texting endlessly.

My son seems to have been able to pull his grades up to at least a D the last 2 weeks of this 6 week period. He is usually a B/C student and the business of school here threw him for a loop. Schools here are all business about the business of school. What I mean is they are much more strict. It’s not that the work is any harder, I actually believe are kids to be one year ahead, it’s that every assignment, every paper has to be accounted for and when you have 2 kids with ADHD that can be a challenge.
School has always came easy for my daughter. I looked at one of her chemistry papers last night and I thought I may have to call in Homeland Security because it was a formula for a dirty bomb. Just kidding, I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it, but she got an 80% on the paper. David has always struggled and we remind him he needs to work just a little bit harder.

 Fall has finally arrived here, mid 80’s and cool in the evenings. I haven’t been getting to meetings as often as I like but I continue to have an understanding and a process of this new life here. My goal is to get into a schedule after David’s football season is over of Tuesday and Thursday meetings.

My wife wants me to go to church on Sunday, which there are an overabundance of here. There is literally a church every mile it seems. I don’t know, maybe I will go, maybe I won’t. I haven’t found it necessary to go so far. I haven’t been to church on any consistent basis in over 20 years, so I wonder why I should start now?

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your comments as of late. I do read them and it is probably rude that I don’t, so I will make an effort to reply.

I hope this post finds you all well.
Take Care,
Bob D.


Comments on: "Sex, Stream, Suicide" (2)

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog. It was long and covered a lot. Thanks for that. The comment about your wife going to a flea market in Canton got me nudged in the shoulder by David, who was reading with me. When we went on our road trip to Tampa and back two weeks ago we passed by that exact same flea market and he said we should go sometime. I was being a sarcastic pain in the “you know what” and started telling him I would NEVER drive over an hour just to go to some back water flea market, which slightly hurt his feelings. Your wife has justified my husbands argument. Thanks a lot Bob :p
    I am ALIVE with this fall weather. Remember I work in a hot room all day so add the summer heat to that and you have a dehydrated, fatigued girl. Now that the heat is gone and replaced by brisk, sunny days and cool evenings I am all smiles and energy.
    As for church, you may be suprised to hear this but I think you should go. If you choose to believe in a higher power you should seek that power out and learn all you can from it.
    I was just commenting to David last week about if there is a church on every corner of dallas, why are people so shitty to each other? I suppose its like asking, if there is a pharmact on every corner, why are we all so sick?
    Anyhow, I don’t mind that you don’t comment. I am not reading your blog for a comment. I reading because I love you and I care about your life. Thanks for the update.
    David and I leave for our Disneymoon on Wednesday. We are both giddy like little kids and the boys hate our guts.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      I hope you and David enjoy yourselves on your trip. I am trying to plan a small getaway to New Orleans at the end of the month.
      Have fun, and you should go to Canton, you just may like it.

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