Just Another Recovering Person

Sink In

Charlie Sheen does 5 and 5 instead of 12 and 12….

5 Kilos of Coke and 5 Pornstars…..

I imagine it is possible for someone famous to get clean and stay clean. I don’t know anyone, but it is an anonymous program after all…..

Most days I sit and stare out the window of my car before I go into work. Sometimes I talk to God and other days I don’t. This has been a reoccurring theme the past few months of my life in general.

Sometimes participating and sometimes not.

Apathy and procrastiantion are 2 of are seemingly inherent enemies.

Most days I go through the motions of life and tell myself I am doing better than what I think I am. Other days I know I’m not. The problem is I do nothing about it.
I guess this is just a confession I needed to see in black and white to help let it sink in.

I have taken a second job. I didn’t want to, but found it necessary to pay our bills. It’s not forever, but needed to be done.

My wife and kids are doing ok.

I guess I am ok.
Things could be better and they could be worse.

I hope this post finds you all well.



Comments on: "Sink In" (4)

  1. It is nice to read this because I know that I am not alone. I should spend more time listening to God before I go into work. Procrastination is a major bad player with me.

    • Elizabeth said:

      Michael J Fox got clean in AA when he found out her had Parkinsons… well, one year after the diagnosis and heavy drinking. Still clean 19 years later 🙂

      I won’t lie, I’m worried about you. Your blogs give me the impression you have been in a depression for some time and I feel useless to do anything but pray to the universe to help you discover how to cease the inertia and obtain what you need to be happy again. Not trying to make that sound easy… Love you bud

      • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

        Thanks Elz…Truth be told I have been better. Things just seem to swirl around me anymore. I don’t feel like I have a firm grasp on things. It’s odd. I know I will be ok, I just need some time and prayer.

    • beyondtheendoftheroad said:

      Thanks for stopping by again Carl.

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