Just Another Recovering Person

This is a repost from the archives. It still holds true…Hope you enjoy.

Beyond The End of the Road's Blog

Ever wonder what it would be like to set of a series of events that would change people’s lives for the worse? I’ve done it……..

The question that never has an appropriate answer is ‘Why do bad things happen to good people’? How can we determine when something is good or bad? Some events will never have the full explanation that we would like. Our never-ending quest for the answer that makes full sense to us and validates events is like the search for a perfect day. It always changes based upon my perception of events.

I used to try to figure things out. I had to have the answers. Why is this happening? What would cause a person to think this is right or this is fair? How is it I am trying my best and things keep falling down around me? I no longer believe that events in…

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