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You Hid it from us all along……

Usually when one makes this statement it is of the not-so-good nature. On the other hand, yesterday it was a positive statement. I have been saving this news and I’m not sure why. Probably because I’m used to doing this…..

Not Giving Myself Enough Credit

This is an acceptance letter for a piece of art (a photograph) that I entered into an art exhibit. The show is called “In the Field of Recovery” and is a statewide exhibit here in Ohio. It will be on display at the Fresh A.I.R. Gallery; May12- July 9, 2010 at 131 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio. The link for the galley is: http://freshairgallery.blogspot.com/

There were 79 entries for the show and I feel honored to have been picked. I was at lunch yesterday with some co-workers when the Director of ODMH stopped me in line at the deli and asked how I was. She congratulated me on being selected and said, “See Bob, you hid it from us all along, the fact that you are an artist.” I thought I just took a picture that captured something that was beautiful to me, I guess that is art, but I really just thought of it more as a photograph.

Work has been extremely hectic and I find I have so many irons in the fire but the odd thing is my life feels manageable right now. I’m sure that could change in a moments notice, but that’s the way it feels right now. I have been reading, writing, parenting, and having some laughs. Things right now are ok. My daughter has been under control, things are calm, and I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop as I have in the past with life. I’m tired of living like that.

The NA Basic Text reminds of when “Good times can also be a trap”. I wonder if it is referring to times like this? When all seems right in the world and I am doubting that times like this can actually be good and not have strings attached to them. I know in a sense it is reminding me to keep my priorities in order, which I have, and to remain vigilant.
We are getting ready for our trip at the end of the week. The dryer has been fixed. It took the repair man all of 15 minutes to fix it. Some capacitor on top of the heating element fried in half. I believe I will be packing some things tonight.

Tomorrow will be my last post for a while. I need a break from thinking and writing. I have found in writing this book draft some things have been made very clear to me about life events. I have found it rewarding in the sense that things seem to make more sense now than they ever have. I will post another excerpt from it tomorrow as I leave town.

I will surely take pictures and have some road stories…..

Until Tomorrow…
Bob D.