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Casino Royale on the Westside

A quick update…..

I am feeling a little better about things. I am trying my best to stay positive about my daughter and things at home. There were a couple of times that I thought she would have one of her “Rage Moments”, but she seemed to be able to keep herself in check, and reality that is what it is, keeping herself in check. I also told her after giving her cell phone back that we go through the same patterns over and over. I may have been speaking to a wall but we will see what happens.

This past November the State of Ohio passed legislation to allow a casino developer called Penn National to build 4 casino’s in Ohio. Ohio had been steadfast for a several years against gambling and casino’s. The swing vote it seems came in the form of Governor Ted Strickland’s approach to balancing the State’s Budget by cutting every social service program and funding stream to the bone resulting in Ohio’s worst reign as Governor, in my opinion.

It’s funny, in a way, that most would say that Ohio took “A Moral Stand” against gambling for so long. I guess after everyone came to from the stupor of drinking at extravagant tailgate parties at OSU before the games, the people with power in this town saw a steady stream of Ohio residents leaving to go to neighboring states to spend their money and said…”Hey, let’s get this party started here!!!

Well the statewide vote passed and low and behold the decision was rendered to build a casino in Columbus close to Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets of the NHL. Until….some folks said…..Maybe not in this exact spot. Long story being short, a new site was announced yesterday…..

The Westside of Columbus Where I Live!!!

Now you may thing I am angry or being sarcastic, and in reality I am not. I am overjoyed, I am ecstatic! Finally, something is coming to my side of town that will bring some damn revenue in. Some would say, “Aren’t you being a little optimistic about this? Aren’t you worried about the things that casino’s allegedly bring? Crime, Prostitution, Drugs, Pawn Shops????


I am 100% for this. Anyone with a brain and eyes can see what my side of town has turned into. Storefronts gone, houses boarded up. Something, Anything…Has to help.

I will be the first in line to vote the amendment through, and will gladly volunteer to help get the support needed to get this done.

Take Care…
Bob D.