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Meanwhile…Back at the Ponderosa

I think it was 1984 or 1985. Sometimes the 80’s are a little blurry for me. Probably a combination of dead brain cells and time. I measure things by concerts or music. I am sure it was after Iron Maiden’s “World Slavery Tour” had come to Columbus.
Trips out of the small town in southern Ohio where I lived were few and far between. One of the things my friend Terry, his girlfriend and I would do, is drive to Chillicothe. We would save a little money for gas and drive there to eat at Ponderosa.
During the drive there we would get high. I mean high to the point of reeking, because you have to leave the windows rolled up, and it was about a 30 minute drive. Listening to music, laughing, not a care in the world.
Most of the time I was under the presumption no one knew I was high. Back then, I really didn’t care. My parents didn’t look for “red eye” or crap like that.
I never fully got why people would stare at us in the restaurant. I understand now they were starring because we were reeking of pot.

I had this memory come back to me last night while sitting in the stands of a High School basketball game. I was sitting, trying to eat a hot dog, when a group of 4 kids came and sat down in front of me smelling like they had just ran through a field of pot plants. One kid is standing in front of me while I’m trying to watch the game. I said to him, “Hey dude sit down”. He turned and just looked at me through the slits where his eyes should be…..”My fault bro”.

I watched as they made a munchies run to the concession stand. Stuffing and drinking everything they could…laughing…and for a moment I was back at the Ponderosa restaurant in Chillicothe, Ohio.
There were no consequences, no deadlines, no responsibilities…….
The game buzzer went off and jolted me back into reality and I saw my 15 year-old daughter standing there in her cheer uniform and I was abruptly reminded that those days are long gone. I don’t think it was euphoric recall, more simply a fleeting memory……..

¬†Although I am in recovery I don’t sit and preach to my kids about “The Evils” of drugs. I mean my friends and I sat and laughed at Nancy Regan during the “Just say No” commercials. What I have tried to do is show them that life is just as rewarding and fun without it. I know my daughter has been approached¬†with it and to the best of my knowledge hasn’t tried it. That doesn’t mean she won’t at some point, but I believe by not making a huge deal of it with the “Look What Happened to Me” bit and some love, things will be ok.

I hope you enjoy your day.
Bob D.