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Valentine’s Epic Fail…Bucket Style

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day for those who don’t have any calendar reading capabilities. I personally can deal with this holiday better than I can with Sweetest Day, which I believe is a fabricated holiday by the card companies to generate more revenue.
My son was in the car last night as we rode to parent-teacher conferences at his school and blurted out he needed 2 cards for girls. One is his “girlfriend”, the other the girl who wants to be his girlfriend. Ahhh…the stresses of youth.

He told my wife and I that he missed the Valentine’s Parties from elementary school. My mind began to drift, as it usually does, to when I was younger. I remember my mom helping with the cards, the little candies…..

Now that I am grown, I still like Valentine’s Candy…..

Ohhh Shit…wrong pic…..I meant

That’s a little more like it……
Ahhh the fail is on.

At any rate…I got my wife a card and some candy. We both don’t go overboard on this anymore. We used to….Cards, Candy, Clothes, Dinner, Flowers….the works. I guess we just have mellowed over time with it. I know people who go to extravagant lengths to prove their love on this one day, I find it easier to let the people in my life who are special to know that I love them everyday.

A few updates…..
I was at the dentist yesterday. 6 novicaine injections later the major work I take it is almost done. I went over the timeline with the dentist. I am not happy. It will be probably the end of April before everything is done. That means I have to walk around another 2 and a half months with a missing front tooth. I also went over my bill with her. My out-of-pocket fee for this next bit, not counting what I have already paid, is $910.00
There goes half of our income tax return.

David is tanking at school. This is more great news that our kids can’t do homework and turn it in. Both are great and participate in class, but are under the impression that school stops at school. We have developed a plan, which includes no more XBox during the week, to get him back on track.

My daughter is getting loud again and I reminded her about it today. We are pushing I believe 4 weeks without an incident and are due for one. It started about 3 days ago in her being louder. I will let you know if anything happens. Her next doctors appointment is next Thursday.

The Olympics are on. Yeah…Canada.
I have some friends from Canada….that’s it.

Last but not least in news of the dumb and dumber…
Hailey Glassman, whom was involved with John Gosselin, has announced that John has a 3 inch penis. That she wasn’t sure how they were going to have sex successfully and it’s probably the reason Kate couldn’t get pregnant and was a bitch all the time.
How does a guy disprove this claim? Take a picture of his junk to have put out on the internet? This is the oldest slam available. You don’t hear guys walking around saying…..

She was hung like a bucket…..do you?

Have A Great Day.
Bob D.