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Reading, Writing, and Precious

If I only had 4 more hands and two more heads…..

I’ve been busy, really busy. It’s good though. Wanted to let you in on a few things.

Friday went out to dinner with the family and had a nice evening. I came back home and decided to go out to a late meeting. I don’t normally do that but on Friday I was missing that feeling of being connected. I went to the meeting and a guy I had been sponsoring showed up after a 2 month relapse.
He had gotten involved with another person in the program. Both of them with under 6 months clean, and well, they ended up both using together. She came back about 2 weeks ago.
This is just another example of getting involved in a ‘relationship’ well before the time is right. I spoke with him after the meeting. He said he wanted to kill himself, that he felt like he couldn’t recover in this area, and on and on.

I told him that he relapsed, traded his recovery for some comfort, and it was time to move on. I told him he was full of shit if he thought running to another state would ‘fix’ this. I told him he used because he wanted to use. Some may say this is harsh but this was something that had been brewing since about 30 days of coming into the program. There are a million excuses to use over and none of them are worth it.

Saturday my daughter and I helped a friend move.

Sunday the dryer broke (again) and put me behind in washing clothes for our trip. The service man is coming out today. I went to the Sunday night meeting and had a good meeting.

I have been reading and writing like crazy. I have been reading Chapters 3,4, and 5 of new literature the NA fellowship is working on. I have mixed feelings about Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 was excellent.

I have begun writing rough drafts of 2 chapters for a book. If it goes somewhere that would be great, if it doesn’t, oh well. I will post an excerpt of it tomorrow.

I watched the movie ‘Precious’ on Sunday. I haven’t cried like that in a while. Now I know why Monique’ received an Academy Award. That was a powerful movie. It still has me thinking.
What an unbelievable performance. I saw her acceptance speech in which she said something like, “Sometimes you have to forego what is popular to do what is right”. Sounds like more than just an acceptance speech, sounds like sound words of wisdom.

I read a lot of posts on here about Addiction. When I first started blogging there were BS posts about addicted to MarioCart, Starbucks, and Foot Massages. Now the tone has changed. There are a lot of folks, particularly loved ones and friends of addicts who are looking for support. I continue to add them to my blogroll and hope they can link up together via my page and maybe gain some insight on addiction from each other and from me. It’s not that I am some “Wizard of Recovery” but I hope that if my story helps you understand what is happening or has happened then I feel that my own existence is somehow transformed, that my future has been changed. That somehow it was all worth it.

Take Care…Bob D.


Jersey Shore Finale & Why I Should Be On Season 2

Well it’s finally come down to the last episode of Jersey Shore. I really don’t know how it is I will get by once the finale is over. I hope that the season is released to DVD, packed with extra’s, bonus footage, “The Punch”, Tanning Secrets, and most of all pictures of how they got Amanda Bynes to look like Snooki.

Not Really……

Of all the “Reality Shows” MTV has spewed out over the years, this by far, has been a lesson in what not to do, and what not to watch. Granted controversy brings ratings. MTV wants an ass every 18 inches, side by side, glued to television sets and the web to soak up these kids as they can. Let’s not forget MTV is out to make money, and money they have made off these folks. But at what cost? Dell, American Family Insurance, and Domino’s pulled their sponsorship after Italian American interest groups were offended by the show. Even with those sponsors gone, the show, the cast, and MTV all still made money. That is the bottom line.

Anyone remember these guys?

The cast from MTV”s The Real World?

This was the first and only successful experiment in “Reality Live Together Shows”. I wonder how they are? What they learned? How much money did they make? They seemed to be able to give the insights I was looking for into different cultures, different lifestyles, and did it all without being offensive to themselves first and the rest of the world as well.

Here is an idea for the title of the second season of Jersey Shore

Wait…..That’s kind of what already has occurred….

How is it a reality show when you out a casting call asking for “Loud, Opinionated, Tan, Young Drunks”?

So I’m trying to figure out how I can submit my portfolio to land this dream gig? I could run around the house naked, make smart ass comments, offend people, offend women, lose my self-esteem but never really lose it because I never had it to start with.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…What did Bob Say?

Alright maybe I’m being to hard on them?!? I mean they are young. So what they need is like a “House Father”. Here is my photo for official submission to the show. Ladies…..This is the “True Situation”.

I really think I’ve got a shot….I do. I could take care of them.

I guess the thing to do would be to ask a New Yorker about Jersey.

Well my friend….It looks like that has already been done.

All jokes aside. These kids will be one upped at some point. All shows are. MTV has a demographic they are appealing to. Some could say I’m just bitter, maybe even jealous. Hell, I’d like to have abs like that (Again?!?) but not at the cost of looking like an idiot on Worldwide Television, and unfortunately that is what MTV has done with these kids. But I wonder who is the bigger idiot….Them or Us?

Take Care.

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Rollin Like a Bigshot…or How I Pimped My way to the Top of Blogland

Well it seems I did it again, this time it was just a little bit late. I owe my latest success in blogging to a random blog I posted about the new Twilight movie several months back. In the wake of Avatar, Amanda Bynes, and record box office numbers, somehow this random post ended up with 155 views of nothing more than my ramblings about a half-baked movie. I feel like a pimp…..or I missed my calling.
Maybe I should become a movie critic? Really I should leave that to Siskel and Ebert or however is doing it now.

I could go on about how I know some folks who have seen Avatar 3 times now. It seems at $14 a ticket for the Imax 3-D version I can see how it could easily gross 1 billion dollars in such a short amount of time, especially when the World of Warcraft servers are overloaded. I mean for 350 million to make Cameron could have shown anything with this hype and made money.

Several of the folks I work with are movie junkies. Watching trailers, keeping up with the latest releases, who is in and who is out. I feel like a critic based on the trailers we watch:
Book of Eli……maybe
The Road…….maybe
Edge of Darkness…..Been there already, movie idea anyway

I could pick hits. I could hype a film to say it’s got Oscar potential, but I’d be lying.

Speaking of movies, the root of my son’s problems with going to bed at night has been revealed. It seems that in October when he stayed at my mothers, one of his cousins decided to watch Child’s Play. You remember good old Chuckie don’t you…..

Well it seems my son is under the impression that Chuckie…well is real. Never mind he enjoys Jeff Dunham and all the puppets he uses. After a 3 hour debate, and me sleeping on the couch because he is too scared I still have not been able to convince him that this little dude isn’t real. I’ve even thought about buying one-off of Ebay so that he could destroy it in the hopes it would give him some power over it. I am open to any suggestions if anyone has encountered this with children and what they did that worked.

So I sleep on the couch in a fit of anger. I got 5 hours of sleep last night and turned around to work a 10 hour day today. I’m tired and grouchy. I know….Quit whining Bob.

Take Care…..Bob D.