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The Amanda Bynes Tragedy

I wonder how this could have happened?????
Sweet Amanda Bynes as seen below….


Somehow has transformed into this; courtesy of poor drinking water from Newark, New Jersey and poor make-up talents by MTV……

Ohh Wait….This is that girl Stoopi, I mean Snooker, or Snooki from the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” that deals with ‘Guidos’, ‘Guidettes’, ‘Mario’s, ‘Luigi’s’, and don’t forget……..YOSHI!!!!!!!

I guess Sooki was out at a club (imagine that) and got punched by a male patron. I’m not condoning violence towards women, but if this ya-ya rolled up to me drunk, there is no telling what I would do. Maybe lay an egg, jump down a green tunnel, or perhaps beg MTV for my own show………

Tales of the Real Jersey Shore


Ohh Wait……That’s kinda what this show is already about.

Also see my follow up post…”Amanda doesn’t live next to me”…..

Take Care…..Bob “The Situation” D.