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Amanda Doesn’t Live Next To Me……

I was going over some posts and it befuddled me how it is that I was still receiving hits on a post I did several weeks back titled “The Amanda Bynes Tragedy”. It was a parody of Amanda looking like Snooki, or vice-versa with a bad make-up job, kinda like what she did on her old TV show. I thought it was clever, but not clever enough to still be receiving so much attention. I was in line at a Speedway when this caught my eye…..

It seems as if my title “The Amanda Bynes Tragedy” really isn’t a tragedy afterall. I feel a sense of guilt though, remembering her as the skinny tween from the TV show with Drake, Josh, and a few others. It’s like watching the next door neighbors kid grow up to be a hottie. There’s something just not right about it, but, Amanda doesn’t live next to me….So she is hot.

While were talking about celebs…
Did anyone know Lady GaGa could actually sing? The duet on the Grammy’s she did with Elton John was unbelievable.
I saw an ad in our local paper where Buddy Valastro “The Cake Boss” is doing theater shows billed as “An evening of cakes and stories”. Isn’t that what his TV show is supposed to be all about?
Kate Gosselin got hair extensions. I think they might help her extend her bank account as well, she at least looks approachable and datable now.
I heard an excerpt of a recording former President Lyndon Johnson made. It seems as if he taped all of his conversations, including ones with his tailor, where he told that, ” The pants need to be let down more in the front, it’s like a wire running across my balls all the way to my bunghole (burp). If you could do that it would be great”. Good stuff Mr. President.
According to Good Morning America there is an alleged sex tape with John Edwards and his former mistress Rielle Hunter. Miss Hunter has filed an injunction if the tape were to appear. I can’t think of anything less desirable to watch….other than the Tonya Harding video.

Well that’s all the comic relief I can muster for now. Amanda, thanks again for the PR. Let’s do lunch soon.

Take Care….Bob D.


Jersey Shore Finale & Why I Should Be On Season 2

Well it’s finally come down to the last episode of Jersey Shore. I really don’t know how it is I will get by once the finale is over. I hope that the season is released to DVD, packed with extra’s, bonus footage, “The Punch”, Tanning Secrets, and most of all pictures of how they got Amanda Bynes to look like Snooki.

Not Really……

Of all the “Reality Shows” MTV has spewed out over the years, this by far, has been a lesson in what not to do, and what not to watch. Granted controversy brings ratings. MTV wants an ass every 18 inches, side by side, glued to television sets and the web to soak up these kids as they can. Let’s not forget MTV is out to make money, and money they have made off these folks. But at what cost? Dell, American Family Insurance, and Domino’s pulled their sponsorship after Italian American interest groups were offended by the show. Even with those sponsors gone, the show, the cast, and MTV all still made money. That is the bottom line.

Anyone remember these guys?

The cast from MTV”s The Real World?

This was the first and only successful experiment in “Reality Live Together Shows”. I wonder how they are? What they learned? How much money did they make? They seemed to be able to give the insights I was looking for into different cultures, different lifestyles, and did it all without being offensive to themselves first and the rest of the world as well.

Here is an idea for the title of the second season of Jersey Shore

Wait…..That’s kind of what already has occurred….

How is it a reality show when you out a casting call asking for “Loud, Opinionated, Tan, Young Drunks”?

So I’m trying to figure out how I can submit my portfolio to land this dream gig? I could run around the house naked, make smart ass comments, offend people, offend women, lose my self-esteem but never really lose it because I never had it to start with.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…What did Bob Say?

Alright maybe I’m being to hard on them?!? I mean they are young. So what they need is like a “House Father”. Here is my photo for official submission to the show. Ladies…..This is the “True Situation”.

I really think I’ve got a shot….I do. I could take care of them.

I guess the thing to do would be to ask a New Yorker about Jersey.

Well my friend….It looks like that has already been done.

All jokes aside. These kids will be one upped at some point. All shows are. MTV has a demographic they are appealing to. Some could say I’m just bitter, maybe even jealous. Hell, I’d like to have abs like that (Again?!?) but not at the cost of looking like an idiot on Worldwide Television, and unfortunately that is what MTV has done with these kids. But I wonder who is the bigger idiot….Them or Us?

Take Care.

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