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Digital Traffic and the Slow Lane of Relationships

2 posts in one day, must be a lot still on my mind…..

I was reading an article yesterday while sitting in the my children’s dentist office that was written by a work-from-home mom and her realization that the art of talking has become passe’. She was sitting in a park with her 5 year-old, answering an “Important” e-mail, when she glanced up and noticed something peculiar….

Everyone else in the park was doing the same thing……

I’ve noticed it at meetings. Texting, emailing under the table. Is this a side conversation? We ask out of the respect of the group and those there seeking recovery to take side conversations outside. Does this include texting?

I am guilty of it. I am doing it now. Typing my thoughts, feelings out for those to read and see. I ignore others as I respond to an email that “Just can’t wait”. I answer a text during the middle of a conversation with another. I have become socially rude while trying to maintain my social status. Is it a social status thing? If it isn’t, what is it that would drive us to dismiss the very thing that separates us from the animals……

The ability to talk.

Is it that I find it easier to do this then talk? It seems to take more effort to type, text, attach, snap picture, press send then it does to say…”Hello, how are you today”? Instead I “talk” in random bits of code.

ME: wht up
YOU: bored
ME: lol m 2
YOU: c u ltr

This drivel has become how we relate to one another? It’s bad enough the written letter has become an exhibit at The Smithsonian, let alone my inability to do something other than feed the coffers of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.
For couples that pass each other in the hall with quick updates, nods, winks, smirks, and grumbles this digital diarrhea has even taken the place of the age-old joke….

You talked to your wife lately?
Yeah we talked about sex in the hall this morning.
What did she say?
Fuck You.

I noticed it a couple of years ago…This is a true story.
After my daughter had gotten her first phone, her and a friend were riding in the car with my wife sitting side by side.
My wife, distracted by the feverish thumb war in the backseat, asked to whom they were texting.
My daughter not missing a beat said, “I’m texting Emily”.
My wife replied, “Emily who”?
“Emily in the car, Mom, Duhhhhhh”.
She was texting her friend sitting beside of her.
Ahhh…..This is the next generation to help lead us into the future.

I guess my whole point to this is I need to ask myself a few things:

1) Have I spoken to anyone today?
2) Do I really need to answer this email right now?
3) Is this text going to take away from what I should be focused on right now?
4) Have I put down the phone long enough to tell someone…I Love You?

The last one is easy….No matter how many times I type it, nothing can replace those spoken words.

Take Care.
Bob D.