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Carving Pumpkins & New Orleans..

So much to catch up on….

It’s been a really busy past couple of weeks. I’m sorry for not posting, I just haven’t really found the time. I used to be able to post once a day because of computer access at work, now that is gone, I’m really down to once a week but I was out-of-town last week for my wedding anniversary. My wife and I went to New Orleans….

We ended up going to Bourbon Street just to say we went. I found it to be interesting and nerve-wracking all in the same breath. It’s not the drinking that really bothered me, it was more as night approached and it became darker less than savory characters started coming out of the woodwork, and I don’t mean tourists. I think I have some experience in this area and we soon found ourselves on darkly streets with a lot of folks hanging out in doorways. Overall the trip was good. The architecture and culture of the city is second to none. We ate at a fabulous restaurant on a balcony above Bourbon Street….

We took a paddle-boat ride down the Mississippi and saw some of the old graveyards. While riding down the Mississippi I snapped this photo of a building that caught my eye for the obvious reasons. I was told it was tagged post-Katrina…..

 We spent 2 days there and that was enough for me. It was our 19th Wedding Anniversary. Some folks have asked me what is the secret to a long marriage, to be honest, I have no clue. I’m not sure there is a secret involved. I guess the main thing, a sappy as it sounds, is love. We still get on each others nerves, still argue, still have issues, but we love each other and that is what really has kept it going.

Halloween is upon us once again and for those of you who are new readers there is something you should know. I am a master pumpkin carver. It is my second best talent, I won’t tell you my first best talent…..:) Just Joking.

I find it relaxing to be honest with you, the kids like them, and it gives me something to do even way out here this year……

 Things have been quite around here. Work is work, school is school, and life is life. I was called an Ex-Yankee by a co-worker the other day which means I think I have turned the corner. I just go in and work and come home and do my thing. I’m comfortable with that for right now. There are some things I’d like to change but for right now everything is going the way it’s supposed to.

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween.

Take Care,
Bob D.